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I was going to be in San Francisco for graduation, and was so excited that I could finally go to Alcatraz, which I had been dying to do for ages. I can't explain my fascination, but I really wanted to see it. I hadn't been to San Francisco since high school,and I just wasn't interested at the time. You know, tastes change, or whatever. This time, I kept saying, "I can't wait to go to Alcatraz!" What a neat place. When we first arrived in San Francisco, and went down to the pier, I remember standing on the shore, thinking, "I can't believe it's so close." I expected it to be much farther away. Like, at least as far as Catalina. But you can see it very clearly from shore. It just sits out there, this big barren rock in the middle of the bay, like it was meant to be a prison all along. It must have been utter torture for the condemned men, to be able to see such a beautiful city so close. Not to mention loads of blondes in bikinis on the beach. As soon as I saw it, I got even more psyched to go. I'd been looking forward to it for months. So, naturally, when I went to the docks to get a ticket on Saturday, they were sold out until Monday! Being the nutcase that I am, I changed my flight, booked another night in the hotel, waved goodbye to my cohorts (who had to be back at work the next day...) and went to Alcatraz on Monday. I figured, it's going to be nothing but work from here on out, I might as well do what I want now. I might not have another chance for a while... It was worth it, too.

::to be continued::


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