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There are so many great Strangers In Paradise pages on the net (tho not as many as I'd like - or updated as often as I'd like), I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said.

I started reading SiP several years ago. I went to the local comic book store in Pasadena, where I was living at the time, looking for a new Dawn book. The Lucifer's Halo series had just started (it wasn't called that, yet, of course), and in fact, I think the first issue was about to come out, and I was looking for it. It wasn't in yet, but the guy, who, in my estimation, obviously hadn't seen a girl in the shop in years, suggested Strangers In Paradise to me. He started to describe it, and I went, "Here we go, a chick book. How can he see me asking for Dawn, and think I'd want a *chick* book?" But I bought it to shut him up.

That was the first trade paperback, and I was back two days later for the next one.

Totally hooked, and I've been hooked ever since.

Truly, it was the single frame of Katchoo with the revolver in her hand, after she'd just blown away her alarm clock, that really got me. She reminded me so much of myself, the temper, the confusion, the cynicism, and especially the undying devotion to her best friend (*nobody* hurts my friends). It was all there.

I hadn't met anyone who had even heard of SiP until recently (and it's been years!), but now I find out that everyone relates to one of the characters: Katchoo, Francine, or David. (Probably some relate to Darcy or Freddie, too, but lets not think about it.) That's the brilliant thing... one of the brilliant things about this story. But that's too much to get into right now...


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my idea for the Last SiP Dinner shirt
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