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I had been saying that I was going to go to Israel for like five years. It wasn't a pilgrimage, and I'm not religious, it was just something I wanted to do. And when something takes that long to accomplish, it easily turns into an obsession. Every time I tried to plan it, it fell through. So, finally, I'm living in London, I have a break in my schedule, it's now or never. So it ended up being "now" obviously...

There's a travel agent across the street from our office, and I wandered over to look thru the various books, and found one I liked, combining Israel and Egypt in a two-week tour, with four- and five-star accomodations. Nifty. So, there you go, problem solved. I would've liked to see Jordan too (just Petra, really), but there will be other times, I suppose. It's a good thing I saw Israel when I did, since they're giving away land like it's going out of style! Will I be the last foreigner to set foot on the Golan Heights while it was still in Israel?

::to be continued::


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